A 'play next preset along' message?

Hi all,

I’m using the MC6 Pro and have my songs set up so I have 6-12 presets in a typical song, which I will go through in sequence one at a time over a couple of pages until the end of the song.

I’ve got an aux switch attached and what would be amazing would be if I could just use that to send a ‘engage the next preset along in this bank’ command (so the first time I hit it, Preset A is engaged, then Preset B, then preset C, etc). That way I’m always tapping the same single switch as I progress through my song sections, rather than having to target each of the six switches individually (not the hardest thing to do, admittedly, but in a dark room during a show, it’d be so much easier to just be able to hit the same one footswitch each time).

I can’t find any way of doing this. The engage preset message only allows you to specify one specific preset. Is there a workaround to this? There must be.


What do the presets look like, one line? There is the Message Scroll feature which will trigger the first message only then send the next with each subsequent press of the same Preset. If you’re just sending one pc message out per preset then this would allow you up to 16 per switch. They would have to of course be programmed to the order you want them triggered in.


Yes you could use the message scroll feature for this (scrolling through messages with a release action).

Here’s an example to scroll through Presets B-F. I also added a Set Toggle at the start to disengage the toggles of all the presets so you can see which is active.

Here’s the bank file you can load:
Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup_noname_20230811_111742_Preset_Scroll.json (88.9 KB)

mc6pro preset scroll

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Hi, thanks very much for this. This is a really neat approach.

There is just one issue for me with it though - I can’t reset the sequence. So say I played through from #0 through to #2, but then wanted to start the song again, I can’t reset it (even reloading the bank doesn’t reset it). So what happens is I hit the switch for #0 to restart the song, but then when I hit my ‘scroll’ switch it jumps straight to #3 because that’s where it was left off last time.

Is there any message I could use to reset that ‘scroll’ preset when a different switch is pressed?


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if you choose ‘Utility’ as message ‘Type’ you’ll find a couple of options to manage the message scroll function.

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Hi, ah great, didn’t know that. Doesn’t look like it covers what I’m after though, unless I’m missing something. Thanks!

There are multiple options available when you click on ‘Message Scroll Option’.

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Thanks, yep looked through them (I see four options) but there’s no solution to the need to ‘reset’ the sequence as I described. Thanks though.

I thought ‘Set Message Scroll Counter’ (first screenshot) does that.


Yes you could use a double tap or long press perhaps, to do this:

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Hi both - yes that does it! Thanks - missed that message option before.

So my ‘preset scroll’ aux switch is now working great, and I can reset it with a long press.

A few more things on this though (in my endless quest for perfection…):

  1. On the songs where I need more than one page, it would be great if when I hit my ‘preset scroll’ switch to go from Preset F to Preset G, I could send a ‘page scroll’ message at the same time. But any attempts I make to do this don’t work (for example adding a ‘page scroll’ message to Preset G so it switches onto that second page when the preset is engaged. Is there a reason why the message isn’t being enacted when I do this? I’ve had to set up a separate switch as a dedicated ‘page scroll’ switch, which isn’t the end of the world but feels like it’s shouldn’t be necessary.
  2. Is there a reason why the preset scroll messages need to be on release rather than press? I’m having to retrain my feet to time my presses different, which isn’t the end of the world, but it’d be nice if I could just slam my foot down and get the change, as is my preferred style.
  3. My ultimate wish would still be that instead of following a preset pattern of messages to scroll, the switch would operate by engaging whichever preset follows the previously engaged preset (so for example, if I have engaged Preset C (whether by using the ‘preset scroll’ switch I’ve set up or its assigned switch), then the next time I hit the preset scroll switch, it will move on to Preset D.

All three of these are very much ‘nice to haves’ though!

BTW I can put a video of these things together but don’t think I’ve got the ‘trust level’ on this forum that allows me to share videos yet.