A Little Help Setting up MC8 with Strymon Volante

Hey guys!

I’m a Morningstar baby that is seeking to use create patches for songs using my new MC8.
I’m starting simple. I would like to create commands to access different Presets in the Volante.

I’ve got the Volante connected via TLS Stereo to Ominport 1.

I would appreciate any guidance on getting started. Once I have the Volante mastered, I will move on to the BigSky, Sunset and Mobius. Hopefully with a little guidance I’ll be able to create patches for different songs using the glorious MC8 MIDI pedal.

Attached are some screenshots:

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 6.08.14 PM

You’ll want to send a PC message from the MC8 to your Volante to recall the saved patch. Volante Preset 1 = PC #0, preset 2 = PC #1, etc.

Anyone have any tricks for using the Volante looper with the MC8?