A+B And C+D bank function not working on pressing

Just Got my MC8 I have bank 1 programed but when i try to use the A+B And C+D to switch to the next banks the unit is very intermittent or it jumps in bigger increments than a single press.
it just seem like the switches are not working correctly.

Aren’t you in looper mode ou changed sensivity setting to high (5)?

I do have Bank 1 in looper mode
tried changing the sensitivity from 3 to 5 with no result
it does it with and without TRS plugged in
pressing A+B or C+D sometimes take several presses for the bank to change
sometimes it changes with just one press
sometimes it jumps several banks very quickly with one press.
very intermittent.

Increasing the sensitivity will make it harder to bank up/down as the delay for reading the time between switch press event is reduced.

You should try reducing the sensitivity instead if the default setting (3) doesn’t suit you.

reduction in value did not have any result
I have sent a video to you via email

If you program the controler to set looper mode on enter bank 1, it will allways set sensivity to 5 automatically and that makes very dificult to press A+B or C+D at exactly the same time. Did you test with looper mode off?

Yes I do have it set to enter looper mode on enter bank one. I reset the sensitivity to 1, 2 & 3 and currently at 1 also took it out of looper mode and tested.
I have even reloaded the latest firmware 3.8.4
Switches for bank one are programmed to control a Boss RC 5 CC#’s 80-87 and Clock on switch A
Omni port 1 set to MIDI Out with 1/4”TRS to mini TRS
All dual switching is not working correctly no bank up no bank down
not toggle page
not enter edit mode
I have done all testing with it connected and with it disconnected
I’m just wondering if I need to do a factory reset at this point to see if that corrects any issue

and now I am getting this error message and have to start and restart everything.
sometimes two or 3 times.

It’s near impossible to use dual buttons if in Looper Mode. You can get lucky if you’re careful but it won’t be consistent by any means. If you need to use Looper Mode, you’re best to get an external switch and program those for your bank jumps. If you’re still having issues after testing while not in Looper Mode then it may be a bug or something.

Yes, in the v3.8 firmware, its near impossible BUT might still be possible to hit 2 switches at the same time to switch banks, but in v3.9, it’s no longer possible