A advice for MC6 Pro

During the live performance,I need “Dual Switch Lock”,How to change pages and bank?Each preset setting is too cumbersome.
How about General Configuration Add new functions:Specify that long press the middle two Switch to up or down change bank, and long press the left Switch to up or down the page. Can this be achieved?haha :grinning:
Morningstar very great.Thanks!

If you have a spare omniport, you can add an external three button switch and use that for page and bank: How do I set an external aux controller to change banks?

I know that,but There is no free space on my board. :sweat_smile:

Ha ha! I hear you. Agree: being able to configure dual press would be useful in this case. Maybe add it to the Trello board? Trello

Yes, should be feasible. You can assign Bank and Page switching to a long tap of a button.

Sorry about my suggestion of configurable dual
Press, that’s not what you were after @guitarqiang!

The issue here is disabling dual switch press, but then easily adding Bank and Page functions to every bank without manually adding them to a preset in every bank

What you could do is create a blank Template bank and add Double Tap and Long Press actions to Preset F (or whatever) and set those to Bank Change Mode and Page Toggle.

Then when you’re setting up a new bank, just copy from your template bank’s preset. Then any “turn my pedals on and off” messages would be added using Release actions.