4CM with DAW (amp-sim software) in the loop?

Hi, I’m awaiting arrival of my ML10X and starting to prepare cables, etc.

The plan is to try and setup a pedal rack with the ability to insert pedals (within the DAW) either before or after the amp sim - as you would do with the 4CM and a real amp. What makes it tricky is working in a way to convert back and forth from instrument level (pedals) and line level for the audio interface (I am currently planning to use a Radial EXTC Stereo reamp box for this).

I’ve made a crude image to explain how I think it could work but would really appreciate any feedback, ideas, or whether there is a better way to do this.

The second image is a signal chain example of going from guitar to the Tubescreamer, into the amp-sim (via the Radial and audio interface), then into the chorus pedal (mono input, stereo output). I’m also not sure whether the purple colored routing using the spare input ring will actually work to handle the second (stereo) output from the chorus pedal.

This is the second image:

On reviewing this, I think the only amendment would be that the B Tip in the example patch should also go to the C Ring as well as the C Tip. Otherwise, I am thinking this setup would work. I’ve got the Radial unit on the way but would really appreciate any insights or opinions from others?

I also plan to have the Whammy pedal connected via it’s own MIDI in port to the MIDI through on the ML10X. Hopefully that will allow me to control it via DAW.