3.12.7 on MC6 Pro still has screen issue

It worked great at the initial update, but after a reboot I have nothing but white on screen 3 again. Restart doesn’t cure, it’s consistent. I have to back to 3.12.5 to get it to work. Here’s pics of what happens.

Can you try the firmware here? Black & white static third screen at first boot, still - #2 by james

Other users reported this fixed the issue

That is the one I am using. When i first apply the update, the screen immediately starts working normally again and will continue to do so until the next time I reboot the unit, then it goes back to the white screen thing. This may not be relevant, but I don’t see a snow/static pattern as some of the other images posted depict, the entire screen is lit as bright white for me.

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Same. I tired the fixed firmware and it was good a time or two then started happening again.

Sorry for the issue. We’ve been looking through the code and I believe we’ve identified another potential fix. I’ll post another firmware shortly.

This seems to affect a small number of units but I’m not certain of the conditions required to replicate this so we are fixing this blindly. All units were tested before packaging. Hopefully this will finally fix it.

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Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you. Thanks again for taking the time to troubleshoot this with us.

2024-02-20_MC6_PRO_Firmware_v_3_12_7_LCD_Text_Fix.hex (1.3 MB)

Looks like we have a winner! This release works great! I’ve restarted several times and it has worked everytime. Thank you so much!!!

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I’ve been having the same problem with my right side screen. I just loaded the “fix” firmware a few days ago and haven’t had the issue since. Thanks for the update!

I had the same problem. Sometimes the screen looked like this after switching on the MC6.
The special firmware seems to solve this problem. It has not happened again.

Many thanks. :+1:

Unfortunately, the problem has returned in a slightly different form. With the new firmware, I now often have problems with the left display after switching on. Previously, only the right display was affected.

Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

Just to clarify, is this on the latest v3.12.8 firmware?

The problem with the right screen after powering on the device was with “2024-02-08_MC6_PRO_Firmware_v_3_12_7.hex”.
I found this topic in the forum and update to “2024-02-20_MC6_PRO_Firmware_v_3_12_7_LCD_Text_Fix”

This solves the problem with the right display but with this firmware sometimes the left display had problems.

I hadn’t noticed that a new version had been released. I have just updated to the new firmware v_3_12_8 and will check if the problem occurs again.