1010Music Blackbox


I wanted to share this information in the event someone was trying to setup the blackbox to use with the MC controllers. I was able to get this working without errors and am using my blackbox as a looper. It has tons of functionality which work great for looping. The features needed were not available until the most current update.

On the blackbox I have the pads set for midi channel 10.
You have to use note on values to send changes:

MIDI Note/ Number Action
E7 / 100 Select Previous Pad
F7 / 101 Select the Next Pad
F#7 / 102 Play the currently selected pad
G7 / 103 Record to currently selected pad (must be empty)
G#7 / 104 Clear the currently selected pad

I am also using a set pad for a metronome sound which I have the single pad set to midi channel 5. You can also do that with any of the pads… set them static to trigger. So that would be awesome for setting up live performance data like by patch. You can program the MC controller to act as a trigger per patch. Fire off backing tracks… etc… very flexible little box.

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Nice use case! Just read up on the device. That’s quite a thing! I really must try looping one day.

Very flexible and I looked at singular sound which should include a beat buddy embedded in it for the price that are charging. I went with this so I can use my own drum loops and stuff I get on splice which is on par or better than beat buddy.