10 knob Midi controller for parameter control

Anybody aware of a fully programable midi controller that uses knobs only? I looked at the evenmidi but its been in development for 2 years and isn’t ready.

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Not experienced in this type of stuff but would this work? I remember a buddy being recommended them last year.


That thing looks pretty fun!

I looked at the midifighter but to many knobs and no display. Display would be useful so you know the parameter your changing.

It would be cool if someone, (you listening James @ Morningstar) would make a make a midi pedal that has the same(ish) layout and controls that you see when open an H9 preset. A display for each knob, tempo/ gate button, slider for ribbon control, 6 footswitch buttons. I don’t want to bring my phone or laptop to a gig so I can “adjust for the room”. The less I need to use a phone/ touchpad/ laptop for my rig the better. I cant be the first to want this. I’m actually surprised nobody has made this already

I am working on something like that. Replacing the analogue potentiometers with absolute position encoders on my guitar designs. This is to allow emulation of volume and tone controls with different values and custom rise times, as well as programmatically assignable to execute various tasks like expression pedals. Each knob will have a microLED display, with output also visible via AR Glasses, which have dramatically come down in price this past year.


Sounds interesting. Maybe I’m out of the loop but, why would you want to use AR glasses output? Do you(people) use AR glasses while playing music? Let me know when your pedal is available or you have a demo

Well that certainly sounds interesting! Have a link to your work?

My field of study is Environmental Psychology, the understanding of people in context. The neuropsychology of perception, Ux and Ui design is a sub-discipline of EP. So, AR glasses and transparent touchscreen monitors are less intrusive than an opaque monitor to see the settings of a DAW, or starring down at the floor and guessing the status of a dozen pedals.

As a performing artist, I seek to avoid anything that gets between myself and spectators, while at the same time having a moment to moment status of my guitar, synths, effects, every part of my signal and the signals of co-creatives I am performing with.

I am a member of the Oakland Magic Circle, the oldest continuously operating society for amateur and professional magicians and illusionists west of the Mississippi. If don’t make people wonder what the hell and how the hell I am creating what they see and hear then I have failed at my job.

I am currently working to found a Live-Learn-Make Cooperative Community for the ArtScience of Communications, Performance, Craft, Artisanship, IP & Patent Management. The design and fabrication of instruments is part of that mission.

I saw your guitar concept. Seems pretty cool. Let me know when you create this rig and perform. I’d check it out!

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I found a “Planning Strategies” category in the forum, but no category for requesting new Morningstar features or new product requests.

These days there are low-cost, high-quality encoders of a wide variety, Arduino modules beyond count, and of course breadboards that one could, with a modicum of study and persistent experimentation, cobble together just what you asked about at the start of the thread.

Good luck in your search.

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Buy a used Eventide Factor pedal and set it up to pass MIDI from the encoders to the H9. Easy peasy, and you get an effects pedal as an added bonus.

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8 encoders with led ring display of the value, one fader, and 16 buttons (plus each encoder is a button as well). No display that indicates the function.

A mockup of a successor device, resulted in many requests for a small display to be added.


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