1/8 to MID Din options?

Is like to send midi data from a sequencer to an MC6 to a Morningstar Midibox to a Roland SH-01A Boutique synth.

To get from the Midibox to the SH-01A I’ll need an 1/8 to midi din cable. Can anyone recommend a cable for this kind of purpose?

Amazon is the first place I’d look:

Thanks! I explored Amazon as well and it sounds like this particular cable is wired for a “B & O System.” Judging by the reviews, it’s not working so well for MIDI devices. I’m going to investigate further…

It looks like there are two types of MIDI TRS standards, type A and B, with the difference being the function of the tip and ring is swapped. I think the Morningstar MidiBox can be adjusted to handle either.

I’m going to be borrowing a friend’s 5-pin DIN to 3.5mm TRS minijack cables that came with an Elektron Model Cycles. We shall see…

Update: the Elektron cable worked like a charm. Yay!

Just watch out for those cables stating to be audio cables. Those are definitely wired differently. If they specifically state “Type A”, you should be good.

Or, if you can, solder your own: